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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jesus Never Fails - Original

The Bible teaches that some of life's richest lessons are learned only in the valley of tears. The Psalmist declared: "It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes." (Psalm 119:71). Difficult times should be the steppingstones in our spiritual growth and usefulness. This was the case with the author and composer of "Jesus Never Fails." Arthur Luther, pastor and musician, relates the following story regarding the writing of his hymn:

As a school boy Christian, I had a burning desire to be a foreign missionary. That was not to be. Later I had an urgent desire to write a song that everyone would sing. I tried a popular song, but it was a dismal failure; yet God, in His own time and way, granted my wish. "Jesus Never Fails" has reached to the uttermost of mission fields, and the multitudes have sung it!

The song was written at Somerset, Kentucky, while I was there with the Dr. O.E. Williams Evangelistic Party. I received some very disturbing news from my family some 600 miles away. Worried and homesick, I sat down at the old square piano in the "Old Kentucky Home" where we were staying, and my fingers wandered idly, a simple melody developed beneath them which seemed to sing "Jesus never fails." Then and there the words and music of the chorus were born.

When I finished, a peace had settled over my anxious heart. I knew the God who never fails would find the answer and He did, for just then there was a knock at the door and someone came with the news—word had just been received over the telegraph wire that my son had passed the crisis and all was well!

Scores of testimonies have simce come from missionaries, evangelists, and others of the blessing that this simple three-word message has been to them. It has been translated into ten European languages and into Chinese.

"Jesus Never Fails" has become a sort of musical slogan of Bible-believing Christians everywhere. Men sang it at the battlefront as they girded themselves for the fray. On the homefront, saints sing it as they do battle with the forces of sin, in true confidence that the Captain of their salvation fails not. I surely have every reason to praise God for this song that He gave me in the hour of my need and which has gone on to bless the entire world with its message of divine triumph.

The Lord has allowed this song to be used in concentration camps in Germany and by missionaries, evangelistic, etc.; to be translated into other languages, to be sung by missionaries in danger on the torpedoed Zam-Zam, and to save a man on the way to drown himself.

During World War II, a church in England had this slogan printed on top of one wall. This church escaped destruction by bombs until the very end, and even then that wall remained till after the war was over.

Earthly friends may prove untrue,
Doubts and fears assail;
One still loves and cares for you,
One Who will not fail.

Though the sky be dark and drear,
Fierce and strong the gale,
Just remember, He is near
And He will not fail.

In life's dark and bitter hour
Love will still prevail;
Trust His everlasting pow'r
Jesus will not fail.

Jesus never fails,
Jesus never fails.
Heav'n and earth may pass away,
But Jesus never fails.

Sources: Amazing Grace - 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions © Copyright 1990 by Kenneth W. Osbeck. Lyrics © 1927 Singspiration Music. All rights reserved. Posted here for eductional and edification purposes only.


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