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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recipe for Tascalate

Traditionally, tascalate is prepared by washing corn, sun drying it and later broiling it in an oven side by side with the cacao. When ready it is ground with cinnamon, toasted tortillas and achiote, which gives a nice orange color. It is then mixed with cold water or milk and sweetened with sugar.

The recipe is so simple it looks hard. Here's what you do:

Mix toasted corn meal, cocoa, achiote paste, and chile powder or cinnamon, to taste, in water. Drink hot or cold.

This can be sweetened with honey or sugar, but traditionalists prefer it with only the sweetness of the toasted corn meal. Usually, the chile powder is used in the unsweetened version, the cinnamon in the sweetened.

I also found this recipe, which is more specific:

  • 1 kilo grilled and crushed tortillas
  • 250 g peeled and roasted cocoa beans
  • 10 cinnamon sticks, cut into small pieces
  • 5 g achiote paste
  • water, as necessary
  • sugar to taste

    Mix the crushed tortilla with the cocoa, cinnamon and the rocou and grind them in a hand mill. To prepare the drink, add two spoonfuls of this preparation per glass of water, sweeten to taste with sugar and beat with a whisk ('molinillo') before serving.

    A tortilla is a sort of pancake made with corn flour
    The sugar can also be added during milling to be blend perfectly with the other ingredients.


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